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Image by Denise Jans

The Washington DC international Cinema Festival is a bi-monthly Festival, with a culminating in-person annual event. We celebrate young and new filmmakers around the world, and seek great talent and content from creative minds looking to make a mark on the film industry.

Films of all genres and lengths may be submitted at the bi-monthly level, where they will compete for various category specific awards. Winners at the bi-monthly level will be invited to an in-person festival where their films will be screened and awards and trophies will given out. This Screening event will take place at the The miracle Theatre in Washington DC. There will also be an Annual Gala Event in Washington DC where proper certificates of appreciation will be given to the very best of the best.

Trophies will be available for finalists and winners only . Producers are partners with several distribution companies worldwide. Short films submitted have a chance at being packaged for distribution and features can also be negotiated into a distribution deal. Producers are watching!

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