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Gala Event and Screening

F. Holland Day & The Art Of Photography (20.3.23).jpg
F. Holland Day & The Art of Photography (2023)

Director     : Jerry Kelleher
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 1:28:00


F. Holland Day was one of the most acclaimed, groundbreaking and controversial art photographers of his era. From 1895-1915, Day was a world-renowned photographer, aesthete, generous mentor, and gay icon. This film unveils the portrait of an artist, Fred Holland Day.

And They Were Roomates.jpg
And They Were Roommates (2023)

Director     : Joe Dombrowski
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 7:00

Jealous of his roommates relationship with his new girlfriend, a young man decides to take action in order to get his best friend`s attention back.

When It's Over.jpg
When It's Over (2022)

Director     : Joel Brown
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 31:16

Terrence and Aisha hesitate to forfeit aspects of their relationship after a recent breakup. As their continued bond begins to threaten new relationships, they are forced to confront their willingness to move forward.

Manifesto (2022)

Director     : Kae Fujisawa
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 11:43

Brussels. 1848. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are writing their communist Manifesto.


Director     : Quinn Wolverton
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 9:30

An adopted young man finds out his mother has been hiding a deep secret. He must learn to trust her and accept his new world.

A Fresh Start.png
A Fresh Start

Director     : Karl Andre
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 6:05

A redemption story with a rawness and simplicity similar to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

The Five Life Stages of Your Teenager's First Car.jpg
The Five Life Stages of Your Teenager's First Car

Director     : Andrew M Volpe
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 1:59

A newly licensed teenager’s first car is a rite of passage, with a youngster anxious to get behind the wheels of freedom while worried parents are terrified of what might happen. All of these emotions are hilariously captured in the animation video “The Five Life Stages of Your Teenager’s First Car”, from award-winning filmmaker Andrew M Volpe of Crooked Foxes Productions (

Teta Nejmah & Laila.jpg
Teta Nejmah & Laila (2023)

Director     : Samar Saeed
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 7:00

Teta Nejmah & Laila is a short profile documentary about the relationship between Teta Nijmeh and her granddaughter Laila... family, intimate relationships and connections, Palestine, music, food, and dancing!

Swing Of Things.jpg
Swing Of Things (2022)

Director     : Michael Sencindiver
Origin        : USA

Runtime    : 9:58

Swing of Things is about an awkward guy named Andrew who gets dragged to his college’s swing dance club by his roommate, Eugene. As he tries out swing dancing for the first time, he meets a woman named Julianna who pulls him out of his comfort zone helping him learn how to dance and become more confident in himself.

Faith (2022)

Director     : Ian Walker
Origin        : USA
Runtime    : 54:09

After losing her Mother to a fatal illness and not being able to afford the inherited debt, in her anger with God, a girl named Faith decides to join a group of adventurous strangers on a road trip to experience another side of life.

#17 Dias.png
#17 Días

Director     : Pedro E Correa
Origin        : USA/Venezuela
Runtime    : 25:44

#17 Dias Sentinels of the Embassy is not a fission documentary, it is the reality lived for more than 17 days by a community of Venezuelans (Diaspora) that when they found out that their embassy, the Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown, was invaded by different anarchic groups and supporters of the dictatorial regime in Venezuela, this community a single voice, the voice of the heart was given the task of going to its headquarters in Washington, DC and besieging it, surrounding it, and not allowing the invaders to bring food into the building until the last one of them left, until a May 16, 2019, the last 4 occupants of the embassy were arrested by the secret service, this story is still in progress, because now more than ever, the castle must be taken care of, the tower released, they were days of much commitment, struggles and hours besieging the embassy to enforce the name of a country and its inhabitants.

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